Today my blog features the beautiful bride to be Angelica and her handsome groom to be, Tomo.
Where? This hip LA couple chose the place where Tomo popped the question - the famous Venice Canal in Los Angeles, Ca.
What I loved about the engagement session? Tomo needed no directions from me! He is so in love with his fiancé that all the "poses" we're simply just him being next to her. I'm sure there were moments when he forgot I was even there and that we were in the middle of their engagement photo shoot. (Queue the awwwws)

Let's talk about how gorgeous Angelica is! And her little mini-me daughter, Aubrey, who sneaked in for a few family shots (queue the awwwwws 2x). Angie wore her bridal glow, in an off-white dress. This session was a complete breeze. I guess that's how it is when you're completely in love!

More to come: can't get enough of this couple?! Don't worry! Me either. So, I'm super excited to capture their wedding next month at the Estate on Second in Santa Ana, Ca. Stay tuned!

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