When an adventure to one of the most beautiful places in Colorado masquerades as an engagement session - I secretly deem it as one of my favorite sessions! The sprinkle on top? Two awesome people - Stephanie and Caleb!

If you ever had the fortune to visit the Garden of the Gods then you know how extremely beautiful it is! The formation of the red sandstones stands bright contrasting the pike peaks and blue skies that surrounds it. Each part features its own color - separately yet comes together perfectly. If you are a lover of nature, as you know I am, then this should definitely be on your bucket list of domestic travels!

Stephanie and Caleb met in 2014 while attending both of their best friend's wedding ( thanks for getting married Stones!) so as the stars have aligned the Stones together it was only absolutely perfect that they got together. During the wedding, Caleb was the perfect gentleman and Stephanie noticed. When Stephanie had a moment of tearful joy, Caleb handed her some tissues. Caleb had some tissues stashed in his pocket as he also experienced blissful moments during the wedding. After Stephanie drowned her tears on the tissues, Caleb graciously took them back and put them in his pocket! Little did he know that this small but endearing gesture is the beginning of everything.

Take a glance at their love on my blog today, you will know exactly what I mean when I say they were made for each other!

Stephanie and Caleb, thank you for letting me into your love story! I no longer see two individuals but see two souls walking through life together! You allowed me to capture the first part of the beginning of your happily ever after. I look forward to capturing the next! See you both on your wedding day!
With gratitude,
the fortunate storyteller of your love!

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