Today I am excited to feature my hometown on my blog! If you have ever been to Redlands, CA you know how this city is the perfect mix of modern and tradition with a good old-fashioned small town hospitality. Speaking of tradition - my featured couple incorporated beautiful Jewish traditions into their gorgeous outdoor wedding. I welcome you, my devoted readers, to my hometown of Redlands. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Alex and Nicole.

The wedding venue is the incredibly romantic Grove in Redlands. It's backdrop include a breathtaking scenery of the San Bernardino mountains where Nicole walked down the aisle in a beautiful off-white mermaid wedding dress and Alex stood at the front waiting for her in full military uniform. During the ceremony, the bride and groom drank the traditional kiddushin wine of celebration. Both the bride and groom hold their mothers in the highest regards thus it was only fitting that they chose their mothers to sign their ketubah declaration. To conclude the ceremony, the groom continued the traditional Jewish wedding by smashing a glass. Then, just like that, they were Mr and Mrs!

The reception was just as kaleidoscopic! The guest laughed and danced their hearts out! The mothers of the bride and groom again played a huge role. In lieu of a cake, their mothers baked cookies and left the recipe for their guest to recreate the sweetness at home. What’s a Redlands wedding without a little bit of a modern touch in midst of tradition? This unique idea pounded on my artistic heart! You can find pictures of this cookie bar below.

Today my notable mention from this wedding is something that the groom told me. He called his mom, at 1:00 am, the morning of the wedding to express his gratitude and heart filled love for her. He said because of her dedication to him, he is the man he is today. I tell you, if my camera lens could shed tears! Check out photos from their wedding day below! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

Alex and Nicole, as the glass that you broke during your ceremony, symbolized how fragile life and love can be, my hope is that your marriage never breaks! Mazel Tov!

Your grateful storyteller,

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