I will begin by saying what I first thought when I saw photos of this couple and their family, "What an incredibly good looking family!" So when a mutual friend introduced us because Vonnette was looking for a photographer to do a family session, I ecstatically jumped at the chance!

The family photo session was beautiful! Not only did they have impeccable style but they were also caring and warm. Needless to say, a new friendship was quickly conceived.

Shortly after, they celebrated their 10th anniversary. What better way to honor a decade of love by capturing their love on film. Thus I had the pleasure of photographing their love again! Today, I am delighted to show you Tyler and Vonnette Stewart - Joshua Tree's timeless love.

Joshua Tree national park is in the Mohave Desert in Southern California. I have done multiple engagement photography sessions here. This desert encases a spacious canvas, therefore creating a unique visual experience in every session. I also brought this couple to Joshua Tree because of the nature of this place. Joshua Tree has a beautiful way of commandeering time. No matter the season everything remains where it should be. I like to think that love is just like Joshua Tree National Park - it weathers every season - remaining intact. And when I capture Tyler and Vonnette that's what I see. Timeless love that weathers all.

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