Today I want to reintroduce a couple that holds a special place in my lens (soul). They were the first couple that allowed me to recite their story through my photography, so pardon the tears that touch this blog. Through the years we remained good friends. They are my spiritual advisers, love advocates and mentors of life! So it was a must that when I was in Orlando, Florida last spring, I stopped in and snapped a lifestyle session! Today, I give you my treasured friends, Eden and Amanda.

We decided to make our way to Kelly Park, a popular natural spring in Florida, nature’s swimming pool a little outside of Orlando. Though this was not an engagement or wedding session, it is gorgeous spot to photograph two people in love. And, that is exactly what I did. The water was perfectly turquoise clear surrounded by tall green trees. If you’re lucky enough to be picked by nature, you can see many of her creatures from fishes to birds pass you by.

Amanda is a real-life mermaid perfectly fitted for the water. California born, her beautiful red hair brought out her gorgeous freckles as the sun shined on her glowing fair skin. Eden, Jamaican born, and also not a stranger to water, knew exactly what to do to bring out Amanda’s captivating smile! And to top it all off, they wore bright colored swimsuits- as bright as their personalities! They are perfectly paired. Yes, I am biased, at the same time everyone that know them know that love truly lives in their house. Scroll down, enjoy the pictures from their lifestyle session and the beautiful Apopka, Florida!

Amanda and Eden, thank you for taking a chance on me all those years ago – not just as the photographer of your wedding day but as a friend. My life is forever better because I know the two of you. With my deepest gratitude, I thank you.

Your grateful storyteller,

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