I believe in love,unrelenting, all consuming love.
I am a story teller.
I travel, A LOT, anywhere & everywhere.
I look forward to the warm sun hitting my face in the morning.
Writing is a craft that I one day hope to accomplish.
I am obsessed with my rambunctious niece.
I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my nephew.
My best friends: Laarne & Anthony, inspire me to chase my dreams everyday.
I take photos , sometimes with my phone, sometimes with my Polaroid, sometimes with my film camera, but mostly with my digital camera.
I am shy when I stand in front of a camera.
I am a lover of all things crafty.
I am a wanna be wood worker.
I pretend to be a runner.
I prefer hostels over hotels & tents over cabins.
If I am not lying in bed, I’m probably in my hammock.
I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by nature.
I love to laugh, laugh uncontrollably, until my belly aches and my cheeks are sore.
And one day I hope to own my own airstream & travel around aimlessly across the country.

Enough about me, Let’s grab a cup of coffee so I can hear all about you!